Sunday, October 18, 2009

Will this contest ever end?

I hope so. Linda really hopes so. Well the voting ends next Friday 10/23. We need all the votes we can muster. We have to get past Toronto. It's David vs Goliath. Just click on the cbc Great Canadian Song Quest link here or the icon to the right. While there, you can listen live - pick the morning show (Pacific Coast) and you will here our plug from Bob and it's easy listening. You need to get a red tick mark on your place and artist before clicking on submit vote. You need to see a red check mark on Ontario after you submit your vote or something is wrong. This is like writing one of our procedures manuals - no fun at all. You guys are on your own for a while. I have some work to do - will check in later.


  1. really enjoying your blog... grand bend looks like a truly beautiful spot! since i'm already voting for waskada, manitoba in the contest, i will help out your cause by voting for grand bend as well... as i really understand the whole david vs. goliath thing. right now, waskada is in 4th place with winnipeg in the lead!
    i am doing the waskada blog ( and it sure is a lot of work (my partner, also, is wondering when he might get me back again!)
    anyway, wishing you best of luck in grand bend!

  2. Go waskada, I will check you out and give you a plug. You are the 3rd manitoba place i have been rooting for. If you look at cbc morning show blog you will see my comments about lac dub and forks.get those waskadians voting for us also.