Thursday, October 8, 2009

Contest within a contest - help me name this dog?

I will try to keep it short - impossible for me. My future daughter-in-law Tracy, a first grade teacher in Las Vegas, NV saw this sorrowful pooch on her way into the gym one day, two months ago. On her way out (two hours later) the pooch was waiting for her. Tracy looked at the dog and she looked back at Tracy. Against her better judgement Tracy ended up taking her home to Andrew and bonsai their other dog. Andrew and Tracy spent the next 6 weeks trying to find a home for "other dog" or "little dog" as we grew to know her. There have been people in some hard hit economies in the US who are not only walking away from their houses but also walking away from their pets. They could not find a shelter that would guarantee her survival. Last night we found out "other dog" will never be "leaving Las Vegas" or Tracy and Andrew's home. She had a makeover last week but I like her before picture (this one). Anyway we now have a name the pooch contest going. I nominated 20 names before it hit me - "missy" or more formally missgrandbend. For all we know that's where she came from or for sure where she would want to be if she ever saw it (It's a paradise for dogs also, just ask Sunny, Sheva or Oz). Post a comment here if you like the idea and maybe I can count your comments for votes. Go missy, Go Bend. I found a better before pic of "little dog" it somehow got separated from the other pics - story of this kids life. It also doesn't have Andrew in it - he takes after me not his mom for photogenetics - I think I just created a new word (your dna that defines how photogenic you will be) - how do I copyright that?

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