Monday, October 19, 2009

Small break from the countdown - It`s Monday!

We will get back to our countdown in a bit. This message was posted earlier today by one of our significant benders. It exemplifies points 3) 4) 5) and 8). She has worked in the Bend for the past 7 summers and lived there for the past 3 summers. I`d say she`s hooked - her spell is locked in. She comes from a little town that looks just like the Parkhills, Embros, Lucans and Ailsa Craigs. For most of us Monday is not a very great day but she misses the Grand Bend, Mondays already. Here it is unedited.

``Remember the days of Monday being JAM NITE!?
They seem like distant memories as this autumn chill creeps up on us but try and remember the warm summer memories of spending your whole Monday getting geared up for Jam Nite! Whether it was planning the most kick ass pre drink, creating the most original outfit if there was a theme that week or just practising your dance moves/warming up your voice! Everyone has their own Jam Nite Prep, because lets face it...Mondays were better then any Friday and we spend Mondays preparing to get through the work/school week...blech! We have managed to keep Jam Nite going for 13 Summers Strong.
Wouldn't it be amazing to open up Season 14 of jammin in May 2010 with our own original song!? Maybe the artist who records the song could be persuaded to perform it for us!?``

Maybe they could cover `miss grand bend`also
Good chance to post this jam nite link again

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