Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brief Explanation - might help navigate

If you are wondering what's happening with the little video bar on the right so am I. I have never been able to control it (another spell). I can pick any single video - that's easy. I can pick my YouTube channel and I have no control over what comes up. I have found my best bet is to try using common names. It sort of works but not completely and the names must look pretty stupid on YouTube. There are so many over there right now - it might be easier to click on any one and then click on the video itself and it will take you directly to YouTube where you will get a bigger screen and can pick from any of the videos. All the ones created for the contest are at the top. I don't know how much longer these talented young people will let me use their stuff but I will review that after we win the contest. Go vote, Go bend, go bed - that's where I am going. Now there's 3 back ??? I think Linda bought some magic apples at the farmers market. Wow, that last one came out pretty good and fast. Usually the quality is not good for several hours until processing is complete. It's the middle one on the video bar. Click on the video itself once it starts here on the blog's video bar.

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