Friday, October 16, 2009

Pause for a rules update on cbc radio 2 song quest contest

They have fixed their website/program and you can now only vote once per day per province but you can vote everyday so we have 7 voting days left counting today, maybe 9 if they go through next weekend. There have been a few bugs with their website but all in all it's fair and slick. My boss says I do the work of 3 people so I get to vote twice at work, desktop & laptop and once at home. We apparently have a lot of new voters who need info like this. Hey Asia, how are we doing over there? Adam & Robin are old benders. Australia, Kerry can you help? nice marathon bud. New Zealand - Matt, are you out there? Jenn in BC, great article on mom, eh? Am I forgetting anybody? Wo, Vegas, what's the name of our dog? Can we work "missy" into it? Thanks for all my friends from work - many have been to the Bend but avoided the spell.

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