Thursday, October 22, 2009

Un update of sorts - the suspense is killing me

I managed to listen to 3 of the 4 hours of morning show this morning. Tom Allen was giving recent updates on all the provinces and territories. I am sure I heard them all and a couple twice but did not hear Ontario. CBC 2 did post a comment to us this morning that the standings would be published tomorrow am on line. We need to keep doing whatever are doing and not miss a chance to vote. Remember little Waskada MB sitting in 5th place after week one - well they are now in first place in MB - that's encouraging - we were plugging them on our blog and they were supporting us. Maybe a miracle can happen. Don't give up. If you like some easy listening (and you can handle the suspense) you might want to tune into Tom Allen on Shift followed by Rich Terfry on Drive all starting at 2 pm eastern on cbc radio 2.

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