Sunday, October 18, 2009

Promised plugs for other provinces so here they are

1) Waskada, Manitoba. This will be my 3rd MB place to vote for. Because I used Lac Dubonnet for reference, I was promoting them. Then Bob Mackowitz on cbc got me thinking about the Forks in MB and my experience there, so I went their way. Now the Waskadians are saying good things about us and I want to acknowledeg that. Go Waskada now - my votes will all cancel out in MB.

2) Linda is voting for us and promoting the Black Sheep Inn. I have only voted once in PQ so I will start voting and rooting for an Inn there.

I have been voting for the maratime provinces every day because my families' roots are there and I love the places and their music. Go maratimes - they are all great spots and great artists.

I don't want to start forming alliances - I don't like those kind of reality shows and I hope cbc 2 were not looking for that kind of angle. Just give me music about places but I do want to acknowledge kind words, when I have time.

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