Monday, October 12, 2009

"I miss Grand Bend - will this winter ever end?"

Ok, It's only the 12th of October but we left Grand Bend yesterday with our car packed and our place all closed up. I didn't mind coming home for a hot Turkey dinner on Sunday because it was only 5 degrees and gale force winds blowing off the lake when we left the Bend. But as I walked out the door this morning I thought of Brian's lyrics. I had to scrape my window for the first time this fall/winter. That usually means 250 more days of windshield scraping before we can get back to the Bend. Those aren't the rockies just the snow banks on our front lawn. I think someone was punishing me for leaving the Bend early. I have a pic of my scraped windshield in the camera but it's not with me here so this is a temporary pic from last year. Go Bend, Go away winter. As promised, here is my car this morning - I hate scraping and need to find a frowning smiley face. I will keep last year's pic here for effect. Wait a minute - where did that smiley face come from anyawy? I don't remember putting that there???

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