Monday, October 19, 2009

10) We will miss the drive to Grand Bend

We never take the same route to the Bend, twice in a row. We only take the major highways if it's dark and we can't see anything anyway. It's a 100 minute drive from home for us and there is never any traffic, regardless of our route or departure time. None of these things make it that special but these pics are from 2 of our different routes. We travel through some of the richest farm land in Ontario. Our drive up to the Bend is relaxing and full of the anticipation of another weekend in paradise. No more news on the car radio - it's all music ( I have even programmed in cbc radio 2 on my car radio and guess what - now we listen to "Drive") We hate to see summer end but the fall colours make the pain of our upcoming loss more bearable. 1) Glimpse of the Parkhill Cemetary 2) The trees on the road between Parkhill and GB 3) A corn field just outside Dashwood 4) The road between Embro and Fullerton. Will this winter ever end? Hey, maybe it won't start. Go Bend, Go drive to the bend, Go cbc Drive, Go vote

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