Saturday, October 17, 2009

Even our $Dollar store has a priceless view

I managed to take 57 shots while Linda was in the $Dollar store to get 1(one) gift bag. It is a big $ store she reminded me when she came out. It really is a big and nice $ store. This was just one of the trees showing fall colours today in their parking lot. We took a quick day trip up to the Bend to do a final sweep of our place, drop off a gift and take a few more fall pics for the blog. I really don't know what to make of this phase of the contest. I can't wait to see the next status for Ontario. I am seeing a lot, lot more activity than we ever had before but maybe the format now with just 5 places is making it more difficult. This could be a David vs Goliath(s) contest now. Go Bend. Go David. Go get us an update cbc. let's hit 'em hard tomorrow.

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