Monday, October 19, 2009

Home Stretch - What will we miss about Grand Bend this winter?

Let's get this show on the road again and see if we can drum up some votes on these last five days of voting. We started this blog on September 23rd just a couple days before nominations started. Here we are 72 posts later and what have we been saying is special about our Grand Bend? What will we miss about Grand Bend this winter? I have 10 elements listed here and you will see them all mentioned in one way or another in the posts below. I will use this summary to emphasize them again. We could easily break these elements up into smaller pieces and say there are 50 things that make Grand Bend worthy of winning this contest but we will focus on these 10 elements.
1) The Beach
2) The Sunsets
3) The Town
4) The People
5) The Music
6) The Lake
7) The Diversity
8) The Sense of Community
9) The Animals
10) The Drive

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