Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jam Night

Where do I start? I will start by saying I will revisit jam night again later and by all means you jam night regulars throw in your 2 cents worth in comments, it's too important to the Grand Bend music scene and Grand Bend period to just make one post. Here it is from the perspective of someone my age (LVII) who can't play a lick or sing but just loves music, live music and people that are willing to get up there and give it a shot - only to blow us all away. For us, it's only been the last 5 of 12 years and we can only get to a couple of jam nights per year but they are the most special nights of our summer. The jam night band Jamie, Andy, Dereyk, Lance, Brian, Greg can all hold more their own individually but they have a chemistry that really works to get things started and wrap it up. In between you have a mosaic of talent from all over the province and country (incredible talent in most cases) plus the dependable regulars who get up there and do their thing with all kinds of configuration of back up bands and instruments for support. Don't be shy, if you can handle it - let one of the regulars know your name and where your from and you will probably get your shot. After about 10 of these nights we recognize some of the guests from previous nights but the most excitement comes from the unknowns. I like looking around the room early (listen to me early - that's 11:30 on jam night Monday) to see who is back but then try to guess who will be the new ones to get up there. "Wow", I wish I had a dollar for every time I have said that in those 10 jam nights with my jaw dropping to the floor. At 11:30 you actually can still look around the room by 1 am you can't look anywhere but at the 50 heads in front of you. If you think jam night only means a jamming of musicians it's also a jamming of humanity (capacity crowd) in Gables (the home of rock and roll) every Monday (yes Monday night) of the summer. That will have to do for a first post it's getting late and I have another early date with cbc in the morning ( I hope this time). Thanks for the pics GB Jam Night Group. Bo Bend, Go jam night, vote for GB on cbc radio 2.

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