Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"No pets, glass or alcohol allowed on the beach"

"Your beach patrol is now on duty". We have talked about a lot of things the Bend has going for it but there is one group of people who never get enough credit. Our beach patrol guys and girls are part of the fabric of the beach and the town. They not only make the beach safe, they project such a professional image for everything that is Grand Bend. I have never seen a more proud team of workers. Ok, they like being pirates on jam night but you should see them in action on the beach. It's like a chess match when someone is in trouble. All the pieces are moving to rescue the swimmer in trouble and cover off each others' positions. It's usually over before anyone else realized what happened. With sometimes 5,000 people on the beach, they never miss a thing (not on their watch). I am mixing in a few older pics here. Some of the faces have changed over the years but not the pride and attitude. I have seen lifeguards and beach patrol people all over North America - none can compare. I doubt there is a better team in the world. Go Bend. Go Beach Patrol. Nominate GB for these guys - the pirate thing was just a phase.

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