Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5) We will miss the music of Grand Bend this winter - a lot.

Sure, we will have our CD's but will miss the energy of the live performances. From pub shows to concerts to jam nites. We will miss them all. I created 10 videos since the start of this contest. Some of them repeat the music so here is a link to each video that features a different song and here is a set of pics of some new kids on the block and the usual suspects (musically speaking) around the Bend. Hey maybe a title "Around the Bend" (miss grand bend is taken).
miss grand bend - Brian - miss grand bend
beach bums - Ruth's Hat - I used to miss you
300 grand bend sunsets - Brian - sail on
hwy 21 strip and downtown - Natalie - not enough to cry
farmers market 2009 - Brian - ferris wheel
the dogs of grand bend & chippy - Natalie - my heart would know
the oakwood - Brian - see you in june
I guess I better throw in jam night again considering this is paying tribute to the music - Ruth's Hat - I used to miss you

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