Friday, October 16, 2009

They have woken a sleeping giant ...

The cbc standings were out this morning and I'm afraid they have woken a sleeping giant in Grand Bend. We refuse to get into a negative campaign. Everyone of these places in Ontario is worthy of this victory but ... Algonquin is the absolute best provincial park in our beautiful province but which one is ranked #2 - I think it's the Pinery (just south of GB) dune beaches and all (and no black flies or mosquitoes). Now, Toronto is an amazing city, it's our capital and you have to love it. It even has a beautiful beach as well on another great lake - lake ontario but I think the great people of TO would have to drive to Kingston to see a sunset like ours - they might as well drive up to the Bend. Go Bend, go vote, get your rally caps on and fasten your seat belt Brianna. I think, I even woke the beach bums up early this morning with my scream for help. How do you like our prehistoric pizza eating dinasour? - he only comes out when we need him? Go Bend. (click to enlarge him - he's not so scary from here).

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