Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What I meant to say was .... (cont'd from post below)

Points to be ready with (my script for answers to any questions - if only I had let Tom ask them)

- Remember advice from wife, family, friends our songquest facebook group, your producer – stay focused – I can wonder in my thought process. I think I inherited that and any creativity from my mom.

- Small talk - enjoyed listening to Bob Mackowitz filling in for you yesterday. Worked early had to listen to pacific broadcast with 92.1 Vancouver to catch the whole show.

- Reason for blog – GB is our favourite place on planet. Music a key element of our reason for loving GB. It fits criteria. I started blog without understanding entire contest and was hoping we could nominate Brian’s newly released song “miss grand bend” – hence the name - everything fit until Lily clarified contest for me when we first set up podcast. We rolled out of nomination gate flying and decided to just keep going promoting GB (our little paradise) – do we have to be careful? The Eagles think so “call something paradise – kiss it goodbye” I have been calling it that for 8 years – it’s still there and better than ever - how big can this little contest be anyway??

- Geography, where is GB – eastern shore of Lake Huron, north of London, South of goderich, west of Stratford or if you zoom in north of parkhill – south of bayfield west of lucan or Exeter. For an aerial view have a look at some of the parachute jumps from our GB skydiving club – see our blog.

- What makes GB special – what would we “miss” about it?

- Beach, Lake, Sunsets (expand later), beautiful people, youthful exuberance of people of town, hustle and bustle of the town, from bikers to beach bums, musicians to artisans, shop clerks and bartenders to creative entrepreneurs. Our people are special – both the visitors we attract and regulars alike. (if time 55 yr old guitar hero story or Carly Simon chaps & Harley story)
- The music, we love music especially live music of almost any genre. It’s why songquest is such a brilliant idea. Well, in GB we are blessed with an abundance of musical talent, kids who flip burgers by day and blow us away with their music at night. We want the rest of Canada and the world to hear these kids.
- Downtown strip, it’s quaint but I like to think a quirky kind of quaint. The shops the restaurants, the ice cream parlours, the pubs – each one is unique. Our high end dress shop is right next door to a great sun glass, sandle beach hut. Our beautiful church is next door to Bum Bum's (beachwear)

-Diversity – Pinery Prov park (gorgeous for hiking, biking, canoeing or lazing on the beach), Dragstrip attracts 1000’s, Parachute club (check first jump videos - youtube), Huron County Playhouse has become our favourite theatre. In the past 2 weeks this list has grown by ten times as we explore more of our Bend for the blog.


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  2. Thanks kids. Are you the kids' music blog?? or connected to our Bend in any way?