Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's slow it down a bit with a couple sunsets courtesy of Doug Nemeth & GBU plus a pic of an October storm (no walking on the pier).

I was waiting for Doug or someone to give me the ok to link this group to our blog. I have been so busy I didn't see the ok. The Grand Bend University group has an average age that is a little bit higher than the average age of the beach bums and jam night group but you see them on the beach every day and out at jam nights trying to help me bring up the average age of those groups. We brought the average age of GBU up even higher but they have welcomed us. I can finally call Oz by his name instead of "Little Dog Big Stick". I have never been a big fan of facebook but I think we have linked in about 2000 people to our blog. Let's see if it works. Go Bend, Go GB University, Go facebook. If you want to see more of Doug's handy work check the link to the right to Grand Bend University. The storm pic was taken last week. I told Tom Allen this morning GB is not just a summer place - it's breathtaking in every season - just wear a parka.

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