Wednesday, October 21, 2009

4) We will miss the youthful people of Grand Bend this winter - a lot.

We see them on the beach, the crowded streets, the shops and party cottages. They also work in the shops and restaurants and bars. The young people in GB are living life to the fullest in peace and love. It reminds me of Woodstock (NY 1969) - with a beach. Thanks Heidi for pics.

I think Brian described the people well in a comment to the cbc early on trying to explain the phenomenon of GB "people come to Grand Bend for... the people. It is the place to see and be seen. For four months Grand Bend becomes a kaleidoscope of humanity. For those of us who live and work here during the summer months, and year round, the experience goes deeper. One season in Grand Bend can change your outlook on the rest of the world and on the rest of your life. You can lose yourself and discover yourself all at the same time. You forge bonds with people that will out last time and distance.You share tears and pain, laughter and love and music.... Most people spend a season or two here but once Grand Bend gets in your blood it is there forever."

You've seen the beach bums and jammers and you can feel their energy. For me and my generation it's like a fountain of youth being here and maybe that's part of the spell for us. Maybe it's not just the sunsets and beach and town - maybe these young people draw you into this whole magical feeling and suddenly you are part of it and it won't let go. I wasn't going to do another video but I had trouble picking out some pics from this group to make my point so I just took a whole bunch of them and called on Ruth's Hat one last time. They call themselves Grand Bend University - they still spend a lot of time at the beach (bums??) and jamming but let's just say they aren't in high school anymore - they've graduated but still can't shake that GB feeling and obviously enjoy life.

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