Thursday, October 22, 2009

3) We will miss the Grand Bend strip (and town) this winter

Is it the people of the town, the buildings, the party cottages or just the mix of everything that gives Grand Bend that laid back, quaint but quirky feeling? The town and its extensions down highways 21 & 81 has character. Part of that character is the unique construction which contributes to the character outside and inside each shop or restaurant, mix in the youthful people working there and you have part of the formula for our Grand Bend spell. Creative names and signage add to the mix. You have to love names like "jiggy's" and "twigs". Great food from "mean poutine" to "chocolate banana smoothies" and everything in between. The best french fries in the area. It's like the Bend had a town meeting many, many years ago and decided to share their magic recipe for fries. You have high end clothing shops to sidewalk merchants selling sunglasses and sandals. It's a vibrant economy that is totally dependant on those two big summer months. I tried to capture the feeling in these two videos but you really have to experience it in person. Oh, we better add our beautiful Oakwood into this mix as well with it's resilient 19th hole pub that doubles as a museum of memorabilia. It's the scene of many first GB spells including ours. Just click on the links. Go bend, Go vote it's a new day.

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