Sunday, October 18, 2009

If these folks miss grand bend, they could be in trouble

One of my all-time favourite videos of Grand Bend is this one. It's been a link here since the beginning but I'm afraid it could get buried and people not see it. I stumbled on it 3-4 days after we witnessed it live from our vantage point and it's a spectacular way to see Grand Bend. Enjoy it while I gather some more stuff. It happened at another one of our annual events and concerts (2008). If you have seen it, enjoy it again it's not long. You don't want it to go too fast though (that would be bad). Go Bend. Go jump. Go view.

Take that Algonquin, Toronto and TBay. There are a lot of jumps posted on youtube out of our club in GB just search on youtube any combination of Grand Bend & jump. Mary, Ken & Bob got a standing ovation from the beach when it was over and it was a very breezy day. I am not too quick on the draw today - I just posted their link - it was right on their video - it's over in links on the right. If it looks like you might be interested - drop in anytime.

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