Monday, October 12, 2009

Just some teasers for now

Until I can get a video done of our quaint and quirky strip and town here are just few better pics of the gorgeous Oakwood and as promised Twigs (gatekeepers and keymasters of the witch below). Don't come if you don't want to fall under our spell. (shhh, whispering, we are right next to the 7th tee at the Oakwood in pic 4) ``I think that's a 7 iron that Lefty has out, Johnny``. (click on them to enlarge pics and see Lefty's form - not bad). We love the creative names of some of the businesses in our town - like Twigs, the flower shop and Twisted Sister the hair braiders, Vern Sorenson's birdhouses - the Viking's Workshop (anybody read Gargoyle?) or Henna Beach tattoos where you will find the famous Sheva and her pups. How could I forget Bum Bums beach wear. GO Bend, Go Shops, Go Oakwood. Go cbc radio 2 Great Canadian Song Quest. The Gargoyle rerference is a plug for Mary Wolfe's book shoppe in Bayfield - too late for them to be nominated plus Bayfield is only quaint not quirky. You would never see Butch, Sundance or Elvis there - maybe James Taylor or Carly Simon though. Hey, by the way, Butch was dancing at the Oakwood Saturday night.

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