Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Road to Grand Bend - The Oakwood Resort

Our road to Grand Bend was through the Oakwood resort. In 2002 we stayed at the Oakwood and had our first dinner at the table in these pictures (1.48 minute mark) while the sun set at the bottom of Oakwood Ave (where you see that little bit of blue Lake Huron in these 2009 pics). I decided I would package these using a theme from some of Dave's incredible memorabilia in the pub. We have great memories of this place and the old pub as well. The pics were shot on a perfect fall day last Saturday (Thanksgiving Saturday). The pics at the end of the daylight shots are from (quite) a few years ago. It's two of our great friends Heather and Tom Rossi on the practice green. They miss grand bend also. We called ourselves the "M.A.S.H." nurses and the pros from Dover (Elliot Gould - MASH 1964). The day these pics were taken it was very hot and we were at the beach all morning. Tom and I walked up to the Oakwood from the main beach in just our bathing suits and sandals, covered in sweat (they were not thongs). We went into the pro shop to book an afternoon tee time. The young assistant said "sir, we have a dress code". That's ok we want it for late afternoon. As we were leaving the proshop there was a gaggle of girls (I think nurses - Tom and I can tell). They were trying take a group picture. We took their pictures for them and while doing that I said Tom was a famous marathoner from Australia and we were just training on the beach for a big race. We got in their next few shots. Our nurses didn't believe us when we got back, did they Tom? and we won't mention the memorable night I can't remember at the Oakwood, will we guys. On a more serious note Heather just won a prestigious National Award for Nursing Mentorship - and she can hit a golf ball. go Heather, Go bend, Go Oakwood. This was pretty much the end of the season for most of us at our favourite pub. It was a packed house and a another great show from Brian. We are going to miss grand bend this winter. Will this winter ever end? Go bend, Go Vote, Go cbc radio 2, Go Oakwood and Go Dave (new nickname - goose).

Here is the youtube link to the video below on a bigger screen.

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