Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grand Bend Beach Weddings

... are pretty common. This one wasn't common at all. The beautiful bride was a great athlete from Brantford - I helped coach her in basketball and flag football when she was about eight years-old. She played against our BCI Mustangs in high school basketball and rugby (she was NPC). She went on to Western for a few years and now teaches in the area. We were at our first jam night ever when she came up to give me a big hug, wow last time I saw her she was 3 inches shorter covered in mud and blood at the Harlequins field in Gretzkyville (she looks even better in white). The groom is an original jammer and a talented musician. They made him play a set at his own wedding. Major victims of the Grand Bend spell, they will be here for a while. This was Maggie's pic from the GBU collection. There was one other beach wedding last year for another friend. We are taking up their baby gift this weekend - congrats you four. I say we re-enact Tracy and Andrew's wedding here next summer - taking votes. Go Bend. Go Beach. Go Beach Weddings.

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