Monday, October 12, 2009

Disclaimers - I am not who you think I am.

Rumours ------- my favourite Fleetwood Mac album.

I was approached yesterday in the blustery wind on the strip by one of our favourite shop owners. He asked if I was the guy who designed the new street scape. I am here to tell you I am not that guy. I don't know who that guy is but if someone has a link to the design I will gladly post it here (however I did steal a brick from the dug up part of the sidewalk as a souvenir before they went for recycling). The last thing I designed was a wine rack made out of driftwood and rope - it was in my survivor phase. Ask Linda what happened to that project - I think it's in the roasting marshmallow segment below along with my favourite t-shirt. I am also not Brian's agent - I just enjoy trying to share his music with people - sorry Brian but I have a day job - at least I did until this contest started. I am also not part of the GB tourism board although they are welcome to use any of my pics any time. Congrats again Frieda, Mike and family. I also don't work for the Oakwood. If Dave finds out I took pics of the Oakwood while he was out chasing geese I may never get back in, yes I have a new nickname for Dave. Please don't anyone show him this blog until after the contest is over. I was also not in "the apprenticeship of duddy kravitz" although that was my mother's nickname nor was I in "Mr Holland's Opus" but I did like the marching band scene thanks to our Burlington Teen Tour cousins Dale and Linds just back from Japan. However, I could be a figment of everyone's imagination right Denzel? (Pelican Brief - Darby Shaw - Julia - Grisham - great movie and book). Hey where did she come from? Oh the Shady Oaks just 1 km south of our place in the Bend. Witches everywhere around here. Don't eat that apple. The guy sitting in the Muskoka chair was just enjoying another Lake Huron sunset when he took a bite - said that GB spell won't get me. Go Bend. Go away rumours. Go cbc radio 2 songquest.

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