Sunday, October 18, 2009

These are for you, Bob

Bob Mackowitz is filling in for Molly on the cbc radio 2 morning show. He talked about the Ontario entries and gave our little Bend a great plug with some very truthful words. It's more than just a party town and more than just a summer town. It's beautiful in any season. I think we have lots of great fall photos here so I dug up a couple of winter ones. I am sure I will find some better ones on our groups' facebook pages. I will add more later. The beach ends just past the snow fence. Those are sand covered ice banks past the beach that were all melted three weeks later. These were taken on our Tundra Swan expedition last March. The migratory return of the Tundras every year is just one more magical piece of our little paradise puzzle (they live in Alaska and just stop in the Bend for a few days - they miss grand bend every winter also - I heard they like to shop at Archie's). I wish I could have gotten some better Tundra pics - they are magnificent creatures. This one pic was taken in fields (of water) just across from the Pinery, you should hear the swans. Casey or Dave, have you got anything I could use? Go Bob, Go Bend, Go Tundras - hurry back. Will this winter ever end? (forgot, click to enlarge the Tundras or any pics).

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