Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bosanquet might sound better

On Friday's - "Drive" show on cbc 2. Brianna (and Rich I think also) indicated they like the unique sounding names of small towns in Canada, me too. When I was growing up we would drive through Dog's Nest, Ontario to get to Lake Erie. I loved this pic of an antique Bosanquet fire truck and it reminded me of the Bosanquet water tower you can see from the Sandhills golf course. I thought I would put one lonely nomination in for the lovely sounding Bosanquet, Ontario and see if Brianna can find it. It actually used to be a large area that encompassed our first place, write in candidate, Grand Bend among many other Lambton Shores spots. I thought this might get us some browny points for a cute sounding name that some very, very old people maybe used to call Grand Bend. The fire truck is one of many antique items at our very beautiful Pinery flea market. If you haven't been lately pay it a visit - next weekend will be the last for the season. Take your camera and your wallet - great music, food and local fruits and vegetables as well as all the other neat stuff. I saw Elvis there.

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