Tuesday, October 20, 2009

8) We will miss the Sense of Community in our Bend

Maybe it's the small town atmosphere of the Bend but I have never experienced a place with the sense of community spirit that is prevalent here. The Aquafest day was a massive volunteer effort as was Burgerfest and the Canada Day Concert not to mention the Fireworks volunteers. I bought tickets on 3 different fundraisers at the farmers market. I don't know how many thousands of dollars the Scatcherd Golf Tournament has raised over the years. We have an incredible fireworks display at our little Klondyke park every year along with free concerts and dances all set up and financed by volunteer efforts. The first comment I received on our Canada Day video back in July was from the fireworks volunteers. They heard and enjoyed the whole concert while they were setting up on the pier but couldn't see any of the acts or activities until the video pics showed up. We will miss the team spirit of Grand Bend and are proud to be part of that team. Here are 3 video links that have been under the links all along but this will make your access easier. Just look for and appreciate the volunteers it takes to make it happen. Go Bend, Go Volunteers, go bend family.

Free Canada Day Concert

Free Aquafest Day and Concert

Free Fireworks Canada Day - video from coraldiva you can see volunteers setting it up in the Canada Day Concert Video above and this was the result

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