Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Formal apology to cbc radio 2, Tom Allen, Carole, Bob and Joe from missgrandbend

"xxxx happens" was the only way to describe it. I was sitting in my office yesterday from 7 am with the door closed waiting for my call from cbc. I was never 100% sure if it was supposed to be 7:20 am eastern live on the Atlantic feed or live in the east at 8:20 so I sat there reading my notes. On advice from sweet Carole at cbc (who had to listen to me ramble on about GB for 30 minutes), Linda, Heidi, Brian, Julie and Nancy - I needed to stay focused and just answer Tom's questions he's a pro and will be your safety net - don't wander you only have 5 minutes. I was ready and focused. Well, at 7:45 I get my first email from Nancy my cousin in TO (too bad she wasn't at their Algonquin in New Brunswick). Hey I here you're coming on are you ready? I'm ready - never been more ready. About 8:10 am - Nancy emails - they said you will be on in 10 minutes shouldn't they be prepping you? - by the way the music is great this morning. At 8:20 my phone rings - the shop needs an inventory adjustment - I'll call you back. Oh, Oh, a general delivery voice message sneaks in my in box. Darn, where did that come from? Nancy sends a panic email - Frank, they need you, where are you for god's sake call them - she almost had a coronary attack - her words. I don't have a number - I am trying to relax and stay focused. I listen to the voice mail - cbc you are live in 4 minutes call this number - great, I have a number. I get Joe, Frank that was an hour ago - we were live in Atlantic at 7:20 eastern - Nancy was listening to the time shifted Eastern broadcast which was taped an hour earlier. Carole called me back 5 minutes later to say we will reschedule. Thank you Carole. Well, today we pulled it off. I had 2 cbc numbers and an email address, they had my extension, cell number and work email. The only problem, I wasn't ready. As soon as I heard Tom's familiar voice I completely ignored my notes and winged it. I jumped right through Tom's safety net and he had to drag me off after rambling (enthusiastically) about our favourite place for 5 minutes. For this I am sorry. The podcast was so much easier - I could tape it myself with just Tiger listening and yawning at me. In order to make amends to everyone - here are my cheat notes - page 1 - the summary page. I had 3 more pages of detail if I needed them but you are seeing them everyday in the blog.

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