Friday, October 16, 2009

Grand Bend's - the Band in You

Time to call up the reserves. I can't believe how shameless this is but this is more than a contest now. Our supporters are giving it their all and we are getting tired - some of us are old and my fountain of youth has probably already been winterized. Marty?? We are pulling out all the stops. Grand Bend Public School - where are you? (we don't have a high school - let's put that on the list). Parkhill, Exeter, Lucan - help. These are pics of our Canada Day concert which featured 5 bands from Ken Dinel's - the Band in You. They were amazing. There is a slide show video of the day with some better pics but I tried to get all the members in these. I will say up front Brian isn't happy with these old tracks but it's all I had at the time and I don't have time to remix this and we are desperate - ok Brian? By the way, thanks for all the support back in the Bend and UWO, Guelph and everywhere else it's pouring in from - GBU, bums and jammers. Let's see if we can rally from behind - more fun this way, right Heidi? forget plan B. The band pics and link is coming. Go Bend, Go vote for GB, Go kids, Go Ken. Does she know how to vote Dave?

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