Friday, October 23, 2009

1) We will miss the beach

Well guys, we gave it a great try. CBC posted their update this morning and we didn't make the final two so it looks like, this is it. I may have one last post this weekend but if not I have had a ball with this and want to thank everyone who gave us a look, voted for us and participated in the cbc radio 2 Great Canadian Song Quest. There's a little place in Mexico that needs my help. Let's face it, we already have a great song. See you in June - better make that May.


Here's the youtube link - it looks better on the bigger screen


  1. hey frank!
    just wanted to say thanks again for your support ... and really wishing we could have got you to the top as well!
    the cool thing is that by being in the top 5, we all received incredible exposure and before today's announcement we were certainly feeling like we were good with that standing ...
    we are a bit 'over the moon' here today, but sure wish you were with us ...
    thanks again ...
    take good care and do have a great winter away!

  2. thanks pg, if this blog stays up keep us posted here on the proceedings - especially the celebrations and I will keep an eye on your blog if you keep it going. I wish we were heading south, the Mexico ref was work related - we have a new plant opening there and it needs more of my time. I am really happy for you guys and we will be ok - you will be on my list if I am ever close by. I still think you can make Canayda rhyme with Waskada.